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Endpoint Management

Actively monitor servers, workstations, and network devices to get ahead of problems.  Alerting of failing hardware, old devices, and much more.  Reducing downtime and user headache.

Hard Drive Backup

Backup Solutions

Never lose sleep because of lost data again, Baker Tech Services backup solutions allow for quick and easy recovery and even allow for duplication of infrastructure for seamless transitions.

Electronic Board

Networking and Wireless

From the shop to the office; Baker Tech Services is ready to get you connected.  Offering wireless networks which cover all, and backbone network capable of handling large needs.


Office 365 and Email

Emails are a business essential and when combined with Office 365 managed by the team at Baker Tech Services your business communication and software will be more reliable, more secure, and more flexibly.

Data Cloud


On site infrastructure is not always the answer, the Baker Tech Services team is well versed in cloud infrastructure, from a from the ground build out in Azure to a hybrid environment, they can do it all. 



Baker Tech Services has the necessary connections to license all your business software.  Subscription based or one time purchase, the team has got you covered.

Person using a laptop computer with technology cybersecurity and privacy concept. protecti


Email filtering, endpoint antivirus, and employee training, the Baker Tech Services knowledgeable team has got you covered.  Offerings which actively alert and protect are how we keep business' safe and secure.

Computer Chip


Is Managed IT not the right fit for you and your business, no problem, the team at Baker Tech Services is happy to tailor a solution to best fit you and your team.


Our Partners

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